Mrs. Poonam Syal


                    Education is a process which should be able to take the child to the holistic height of success. Knowledge and passion for good deeds are like the two wings needed to fly to reach the height of success. We at SNPS strive to work towards this with sincerity and as a family. We emphasize not only the acquisition of knowledge, but also positive work, health habits and other personal/social qualities that form character and personality. Knowledge imparted is facilitated with the required skill, the right attitude and blended with the right social, ethical and moral values.

The greatest service to mankind is through education. Education is a soul searching exercise, committed towards excellence. The process of fulfilling this commitment has been an evolutionary one.

Our school aim is to provide facilitated learning with experimental approach to meet the challenges of growing minds. Sant Nirankari Public School has adopted a very dynamic and progressive attitude to provide exposure to the children through an educational program which will enable them to face any eventuality in future and be learners throughout life.

We do not want to forget our priorities in life God, Family , and Academic.

God has brought us to this world and has given us this human life to thank the lord for everything. We should feel content with everything he gave us and strive to only do the right things that would lead us to be blessed by the lord for our actions.

When we say family one is our family- parents, siblings, etc.

The other family we are is as a school. If we treat ourselves in this manner, we will at no given situation feel lonely or helpless.

Academic is awareness to gifts of the lord, understanding what, why, how, when and which of everything-Knowledge.

I conclude by wishing each and everyone involved in the process of education that transformation or making a difference in a child that leads towards betterment should be the aim of an educator.